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The goal of this weblog is to share my humble knowledge in programming, mainly around .NET and architecture.

I try to follow as much as possible the following orientations:


As a Mechanical Systems engineer, I am not interested in the latest technologies, but in those that work industrially. As an agile programmer (lectures at Agile TourAgile Breizh), I always try to come back to customer’s needs.


As a University contractor (ENSIBS, IUT Vannes, Master UBS) as well as a internal trainer (Architecture / Formation / Innovation lead for MGDIS), this is my duty to provide courses that are as comprehensive and easy-to-apply as possible. I will try to keep it this way for my posts, so that they have got a real value for you readers.

Do not hesitate to recall me of these principles if necessary : comments are there for this reason. Have a nice reading, and I sincerely hope you will find food for thoughts in my ramblings !

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  1. Tomer says:

    Hello , I heard a lot about your new Profiling book and may I congratulate you for its publish.

    in the following page however :
    when you click on “Download here” link (to get the samples ) you get an 404 error
    (I know this is not your site ) , so I wonder how can I get a copy of the samples .

    I need them since I am using the ANTS profiling tool.
    best regards for a wonderful blog and writing .

    Tomer Shaiman

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